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Scottish Girl Names

This page concentrates on Scottish baby girl names and their meanings. Of course they are mainly first names or Christian names as they are known in some countries, but there are some Scotland family or Scottish surnames also.

History of Scotland girl baby Names

The history of Scotland also includes many different races known as the Scots, Celts and gaels. Some of the Scottish names are derived from these ancient races and you can find more of these names on the Gaelic Girl names page.

Scottish Naming Conventions

Scots often followed a certain pattern for naming their children and this can cause an element of confusion if you are trying to trace Scottish Ancestry where, for example you may find multiple James and others. The basic pattern was: Scots often named children by following a simple set of rules:

  • 1st daughter named after mother's mother
  • 2nd daughter named after father's mother
  • 3rd daughter named after mother

Another unique element of Scottish girl names is that they often have their roots in a boys name. These names are usually transformed into girls’ names by adding “ina”, e.g. Thomasina, Georgina, Williamina. These names might then be abbreviated to Ina (for example)in later life.

A very good background to naming traditions can be found on the Scottish Government website.

  Scottish girls name from the Latin for "star"  
  Scottish girls name which is thought to be simply the feminine version of Stephen  
  Scottish girls name from the Hebrew for "lily" or "rose"  
  Scottish girls name which is the feminine of the Latin name Silvanus which means "borne by the god of woods and forests"  
  Scottish girls name which is believed to have originated in Ancient Greek. Long favoured by Scottish Roman Catholic families. Can also be spelled without the H  
  Scottish girls name which again shows its heritage as a country in the name being related to the god Thor  
  Scottish girls name which originates in a shortened or "pet name" form for Teresa  
  Scottish girls name (also an Irish name) whose orignin appear to be unclear. Some suggest its use is simply an Irish "invasion" whereas others suggest roots in Latin.  
  Scottish girls name which appears to be derived from a Roman clan name or the Latin for "to be strong"  
  Scottish girls name which originates in the Russian for "faith"  
  Scottish girls name whose origins appear unclear but may be in relation to Saint Veronica.  
  Scottish girls name which comes form the Latin for "victory". Often shortened to Vicky, Vicki or Vickie  
  Scottish girls name which is generally thought to be simply usage of the name of the flower.  
  Scottish girls name which derives from the Latin for lively. Can be spelled in many ways Vivien, Vivienne, Vyvien etc  
  Scottish girls name which is believed to have originally been a German name.  
  Scottish girls name which is very modern. First used in Peter Pan by JM Barrie who was also a Scot  
  Scottish girls name which is often regarded as being the female version of William  
  Scottish girls name which is probably more popular in Wales. Original meaning is "blessed reconciliation"  
  Scottish girls name which originates in France and is believed to be related to Yew (as in tree)  
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