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Scottish Girl Names

This page concentrates on Scottish baby girl names and their meanings. Of course they are mainly first names or Christian names as they are known in some countries, but there are some Scotland family or Scottish surnames also.

History of Scotland girl baby Names

The history of Scotland also includes many different races known as the Scots, Celts and gaels. Some of the Scottish names are derived from these ancient races and you can find more of these names on the Gaelic Girl names page.

Scottish Naming Conventions

Scots often followed a certain pattern for naming their children and this can cause an element of confusion if you are trying to trace Scottish Ancestry where, for example you may find multiple James and others. The basic pattern was: Scots often named children by following a simple set of rules:

  • 1st daughter named after mother's mother
  • 2nd daughter named after father's mother
  • 3rd daughter named after mother

Another unique element of Scottish girl names is that they often have their roots in a boys name. These names are usually transformed into girls’ names by adding “ina”, e.g. Thomasina, Georgina, Williamina. These names might then be abbreviated to Ina (for example)in later life.

A very good background to naming traditions can be found on the Scottish Government website.

  From an ancient surname. girl's spelling of name.  
  Scottish girls name from the Latin for gladness  
  Scottish girls name which is thought to origiante from the Latin for Lily  
  Used throughout Britain, this Scottish girls name is thought ot originate from the Spanish for pretty or, more unlikely, the Germanic word for serpent  
  This can be a Scottish boy or girls name (same spelling). originally a Clan surname can be used as a first name. Thought to originate from an English or Norman placename. Can also be spelled with a y (Lyndsay) or without the d  
  Scottish girls name which is simply a shortened version of Elizabeth  
  Invented by an author ( R D Blackmore) and relates to the heroine of his 1860s novel Lorna Doone. May originally be derived from a Scottish placename.  
  Scottish girls name which originates in France  
  Scottish girls name which came from the Latin Louisa which is the femine form of Louis  
  Scottish girls name which was historically used to name children born at dawn or daybreak. Originates in the Latin for light  
  From an old surname  
  Scottish girls name which is a modern (20th Century) invention. Exact origins unknown  
  alternative spelling of lyndsey, from an old surname  
  Scottish girls name which was originally a shortened version of Amabel  
  A pearl. shortened version of Margaret  
  Scottish girls name which was originally introduced into Scotland by Queen Margaret of Hungary in the 11th Century.  
  More often thought of as a Spanish name, this version of Mary grows in popularity  
  French version of Mary whose use is becoming more popular in Scotland  
  Scottish girls name which is thought to be a version of Mary  
  Scottish girls name which originated in a form of Margaret  
  Scottish girls name which si a modern invention thought to originate from the stage name of Marlene Dietrich the German actress  
  Scottish girls name from aramaic origins meaning "the lady"  
  Scottish girls name of unknown origins. Is thought to derive in some way from the Greek Miriam  
  Scottish girls name from an old German name having elements of might and battle within it.  
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